THE TWISTED HAIR - Therapy Training Module 3*

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Directed by Guru Dharam and an exceptional team of Teacher/Healers, the Kundalini Yoga Therapy Training course is delivered in intensive, stand alone modules, each comprised of fascinating yogic science, philosophy, information and direct experience of holistic healing.

22-27 November 2018 in South London

The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is demystified and presented for you to apply therapeutically one to one as Medicine for the 21st century.


A Twisted Hair is the title given to an indigenous person who has been sent from their clan - say Buffalo - to learn the Medicine of another clan - say Bear - and bring it back to share and weave into a Twisted hair or luminous thread of wisdom.
Taking Kundalini (or any form of Yoga) as our base, we learn Ayurveda and the wisdom of Oriental medicine to illuminate and deepen our Yogic wisdom and then apply it therapeutically.

In this module we focus on the origin, causes and symptoms of specific conditions and learn yogic approaches (acupressure points, diet, household herbs, yoga and meditation) toward healing these conditions.

• Depression
• Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Burnout
• Pain
• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Hyper/Hypotension
• Migraine/Headaches
• Amma/ Dampness/Phlegm
• High and Low Blood Pressure


*This is Module 3 of 7 but each module is complete in itself so you can start on any one and attend them in any order you choose.



Salmons Cottage 

123 Salmons Lane 



CR3 0HB 


 This module is non-residential but hotel and bed & breakfast accommodation are available within walking distance of the venue. 

This hotel is 10 mins walk from the venue and 2 mins walk from Whyteleafe South Rail Station.

Salmons Cottage is about 20 minutes taxi ride from London Gatwick Airport.

Whyteleafe is about a 40 minute rail journey from Central London (Victoria & London Bridge). 


The course hours are 8.30am-6.00pm with morning and afternoon breaks and a 1 hour lunch break (please note lunch is not provided).

This module is 6 full days (48 hours tuition). 


The cost of Module 3 is £850 .