Go Fund Ataxia for Angad

Sat Nam dear sisters and brothers

OMG there is a part of me that feels uncomfortable in asking you for help.

But having felt that feeling -  I going to do it anyway ❤️

I have a  brain condition ataxia, which has become my close friend the past 8 month. 

From writing books, owning a yogastudio, being self employed and being in service to sharing kundalini yoga, oils and consciousness - to living in a body where the cerebellum is shrinking. The function of walking, feeling myself in space, has gone, however, I am still so grateful I can still walk with a walker and/or cane now. Fine motorics belong to the past, speech is also a function controlled by the cerebellum is affected and so all functions will cease to function at some point.

This really sucks!!!

I have decided to get the most out of this human life I have been given and reach out!

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visit Angads Ataxia Go Fund Me link