Addressing historical concerns around Yogi Bhajan

You may have read Peace Lagoon - it is many peoples favourite English version of Japji. Well Pamela Dyson, the young woman who set down those words 50 years ago, has set down her own story now, in a short autobiography titled "Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan" - and this bird is ruffling a lot of feathers. I shared this here because I did not want it to appear that we might ignore the serious and deep rooted concerns that her story raised. Some will be disturbed by the content and we can support and discuss with current students directly but past or future students can also reach out in the i-SKY Facebook groups:  (open to all) OR (past students only)

On 25 Feb 2020 following "credible allegations" from "multiple women" the legacy organisations of Yogi Bhajan created a website ssscresponseteam.org to provide further information and ongoing updates about the independent investigation of all allegations.


On 1 March 2020 i-SKY issued a statement which will be found at i-SKYnet/concerns