Bookings for UK and International courses, retreats etc. are best made made through online event booking but may also be made directly through the UK office.

Consultations may also be booked directly through the UK Office.

Online consultations may be reserved and paid for using the drop down menu here or directly through the UK Office.


Core UK Office Hours 09:00-12:00 Monday - Friday

+44 (0) 1635 523900




Please email GDappt@i-SKY.net to be advised of Guru Dharam's upcoming London Clinic Dates which can then be booked online using this LondonClinicBookingLink 

Guru Dharam is available in person regularly in Sweden, UK & USA.

Darryl is generally only available in person in the UK.

Both are available online by appointment only. 


Online Consultations:

Guru Dharam & Darryl are available for online consultations via webcam or telephone by appointment.

Limited appointments are available through the Book Online Consultation button below

Payment may then be made using the link below.

It is generally preferable to pay for an appointment using the One to One Online Call Booking link below 

One to One Online Call Booking

 and then to confirm the actual time by email

or contact the UK office.